Coupons & Discounts for Active Duty, Reserve, and/or Retired Service Members:


  • AmTrak offers special special pricing for military members & dependents



  • Old Navy offers military 10% off every Monday


  • Sandals & Beaches Resorts offer a 10% discount for service members of the U.S. and Canadian Military
  • Shades of Green is an Armed Forces Recreation Center located on the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando FL.  Rates are based upon Service Member’s Rank.
  • Spring offers a 15% discount to Military members


  • USAA Federal Savings Bank gives special discounts to Military members & dependents for banking and insurance products.  They also offer special “members” only discounts on car rentals, cruise ships, and other services
Please feel free to comment with other available discounts so that they can be added to the list!

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  1. Various places around military bases give 10% off sometimes. I know Ruby Tuesday gives 10% at Ft Campbell.. not too sure about other places but if you ask they are more than happy to say yes or no.

  2. new york and co is 15%
    payless has 10%
    most all major and minor league baseball fields will have a military discount….don’t forget to ask…where you are…doesn’t hurt to ask! 🙂

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