Okay, so you have all of these coupons- now what?  Get the most out of your coupons by “matching” them with store sales.  Remember, not everything that came in the current Sunday paper will be on sale this week.  Hold on to your coupons and use them when that product is on sale to get the best price…and then stock up on a few (I said a few, not necessarily a pallat) to hold you over until the next time it’s on sale again. 

If I personally haven’t provided a store match-up for the week, I have provided a link to another site that I recommend where you can find that current ad match. 

Happy Saving!

Drug Store:

Walgreens (Scroll down on the page, below CVS)


Rite-Aid (Scroll down on the page, below Walgreens)



Food Lion


Harris Teeter


Sprout’s Market  (Merged with Henry’s)



Trader Joes 


Weis Market

Whole Foods

Winn Dixie

Didn’t find the store you were looking for?  Fill out the comment section below and let me know what you’re looking for!


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  1. Thank you sooo much for having a link to Walmart matchups on here! You must have seen my post on Couponing Military Wives looking for one so you sent me a request. 🙂

  2. I would like to see Shurfine…. in my area it looks like they have the best deals for me. I am learning how to coupon thru your site and free online book. I really appreciate all your help. God Bless you and your familly.

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