Commissary Matchups August


Commissary pricing can very regionally.  Login to the Commissary website to check your local prices.

Chiquita Bites .84
Use 1/2 from 6/26ss=.34¢ 

Oxi Clean stain sticks 2.19
Use $3/2 insert q=.69 each

Marcal Napkins 1.41
Use 1/1 from 7/31RP=.41

Marcal Paper Lunch Bags 1.09
Use 1/1 from 7/31RP=.09

Ajax cleaner .80
Use 1/2 from 5/22ss=.30  


Wholly Guacamole $1.15

Use $1.00/1 coupon=$.15 each

Kikkoman Bread Crumbs .80
Use 1/1 from SmartSource Printable Grocery Coupon
or use 1/2 from 5/15ss=.30

Splenda Essentials 3.33
Use $3/1 from 7/31ss=.33 each

Weber Seasoning shaker 1.25
Use 1/1 from 6/26 SS=.25

Heinz 57 2.39
use 1/1 from 5/22 insert=1.39

Kraft BBQ sauce .88
Use .55/1 from Kraft Booklet=.33

Heinz Vinegar .84
Use 1/1 from 6/26 insert=.24 each

Hunts Ketchup .79
Use 1/2 from June All You magazine =.29 

French’s Worchershire Sauce .99
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=FREE

Pompeian Olive Oil 16oz 2.49
use 1/1 Pompeian – SmartSource Online Coupons =1.49

Crisco Olive Oil Spray 1.79
Use 1.50/1 =.29

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 1.50
Use 1/2 from June all you=1.00 each

Red Baron Singles 3ct .89
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.11 OVERAGE

Luigi Lemon Ice 1.25
Use 1/1 from 6/27RP=.25

Grains/Pasta/Dry Goods
Kikkoman Soy Sauce 1.15
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=.15

Mahatma Rice (yellow bag) .49
Use .50/1 from 5/1RP=FREE

Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 1.19
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=.19 

Mueller Pasta 1.12 
Use 1/1 from 7/10ss=.12 x8/15

Knorr Sides .79 
Use .40/2 commissary coupon=.59

Ortega Taco Sauce .38
Use $1/2 HERE =.14 overage

Ortega Taco Shells 1.00-1.19
Use 1/1 from 6/26 insert=FREE-.19 


V-8 Fruit Juice 16oz. .90
Use .75/1 manu tearpad found at comm. =.15¢ each

Koolaid and Country time Lemonade canisters 1.00
Use 1/2 commissary tearpad=.50
Use .55/1 kraft coupon booklet=.45
Use .50/2 commissary tearpad=.75  

Pop Tarts 1.59
Use $2/3 IP=0.92 each
Use $1/3 from 7/24 RP=1.26
Use $1/2 from Stock up on Summer Essentials booklet=1.09


Pepperidge Farm Crisps 1.75
Use 1/1 from 6/12ss=.75 

Lance Cracker Creations 1.69
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.69

David Sunflower seeds .79
Use 1/2 from June All YOU mag=.29 each 

Personal Care
Curad Alcohol Swabs .46
-.50/1 from 5/22ss=.04 OVERAGE 

-.50/1 from 6/19ss

Zest 3ct. soap 1.50
Use 1/1 from 7/17ss=.50

Reach Floss .80
Use 1/1 from 4/17 insert=.20 overage

Reach floss .80
Reach flosser 1.56
use 2.50/2 q from sunday inserts
=.14 overage (well after surcharge it will be .02 overage)

Schick Disposable Razor 2pk (TRAVEL).62
-1/1 peelie=.38 OVERAGE

Bic Soleil Razor 3.37
Use 3/1 from 7/10ss=.37

Skintimate Shave Gel 1.59
Use 1.50/1

K-Y 1.85
Use $2/1 from 7/24 RP=.15 

Playtex Tampons 18ct 2.02
Use $2.50/2 from 6/19SS=.77 each

Gold Bond Lotion .51 (TRAVEL)
Use .50/1 military tearpad coupon=.01 

Carefree Pantiliners .89
Use .50/1 from 6/26ss=.39

Marcal Tissues .99
Use 1/1 from 7/31 RP=Free

Nivea Lip Gloss 1.25
Use $3/2 from 7/31RP=.25 overage each

Nivea Lip care 1.65
Use $3/2 from 7/31RP=.15 each

Maalox 90 ct 3.49
Use $10/3 from 7/17ss=.16 each

Gas X $3.11
Use $10/3 from 7/17ss=.22 OVERAGE

Sundown Folic Acid 1.09
Use $3/2 from BRICKS =.44 OVERAGE

Playtex Sippy Cups 2.88
Use $2/1 Sign Up with PlaytexBaby for special offers =.88

Playtex Little Gripper 1.90
Use $2/1 Sign Up with PlaytexBaby for special offers =.10 OVERAGE

Tidy Cat Litter 1.34
Use 1/1 from 5/1 ss insert=.34 

Temptations Cat Treats .99
Use 1/1 from 7/24RP=FREE


Twizzlers 1.19
Use .75/1 from 6/26ss=.41

Trident Gum .72
Use $2/3 from 7/24ss=.05 each

Thank you to WeUseCoupons for extra Commissary roundups!


About thecoupon411

I am a proud Navy wife of nearly 8 years, and a proud parent to 3 goofball kids. By being an overall cheapskate, and learning to effectively stretch my nickels into quarters with coupons, I have been able to cut our grocery budget waaaaay back and have learned to provide for my family of 5 (plus the dog and cat) on a shoe string budget! Couponing is fairly simple. It takes a little time set aside each week to clip and match-up with sales ads, but the rewards can be amazing.

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