Commissary Matchups July 2011

Commissary prices tend to vary regionally, so please double check your local prices!  You can also log in to the Commissary’s website (if you have access) and check out your local prices!



Equal 50ct .71
Use 1/1 peelie found on product=.29 OVERAGE

Weber Seasoning shaker 1.25
Use 1/1 from 5/22ss=.25¢ x7/31
Use 1/1 from 6/26 SS=.25 x8/31

Weber Seasoning Packets .49
Use 1/1 from 5/22ss=.51 OVERAGE x8/31

Heinz 57 2.39
use 1/1 from 5/22 insert=1.39 X8/22

Heinz Vinegar .84
Use 1/1 from 6/26 insert=.24 each

Hunts Ketchup .99
Use 1/2 from June All You magazine =.49 x8/30

French’s Worchershire Sauce .99
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=FREE x8/15

Kikkoman Bread Crumbs .80
Use 1/1 from SmartSource Printable Grocery Coupon
or use 1/2 from 5/15ss=.30 

Vlasic Relish .75
Use .75/1 any vlasic blinkie=FREE

Pompeian Olive Oil 16oz 2.49
use 1/1 Pompeian – SmartSource Online Coupons =1.49

Jack Daniels BBQ 1.25
Use .75/1 from 5/8ss=.50 x7/31

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 1.50
Use 1/2 from June all you=1.00 each

Oreo Icing 1.71
Use 1/1 from 5/22ss=.71

Mt Olive Sweet Relish 1.25
Use 1/1 from 6/26ss=.25 x7/25

Mt Olive Hamburger Chips 1.59
Use 1/1 from 6/26ss=.59

Kikkoman Soy Sauce 1.15
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=.15 x12/31


Van Camp Pork beans .45 (in promo isle in my store)
Use 1/4 June all you mag=.20 each

Mahatma Rice (yellow bag) .49
Use .50/1 from 5/1RP=FREE X8/31

Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 1.19
Use 1/1 from 5/15ss=.19 x9/10



Nestle Crunch Bar .51
Use .50/2 from 5/1ss=.26 x7/14

Twizzlers 1.19
Use .75/1 from 6/26ss=.41 x8/31

3 musketeers bars .40
Use 1/3 from 6/26 insert=.07 each x7/31

Tic Tac .67
Use 1/1 from 6/12 RP=.33 overage each
Use .75/1 from 6/12RP=.08 overage each


Melitta Coffee Filters 40ct cone .99
Use 1/1 from 4/17ss=FREE x7/31


V-8 Fruit Juice 16oz. .90
Use .75/1 manu tearpad found at comm. =.15¢ each x12/31

Welch’s essentials 2.69
Use 1/1 from 5/1ss=1.69

Crystal light mix 2.00
Use 1/1 from 6/12ss=1.00 x7/31

Crystal Light stick packs 1.50
Use 1/1 from 6/12ss=.50 x7/31

Ocean Spray ON go mix 2.00
Use1/1 peelie on product or 1/1 from 6/12 insert=1.00

Cap’n crunch for .80¢ ($1 packs)
Use .50/1 from 4/17RP=.30 each x8/11

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix .59
Use 1/1 from 5/22ss=.41 OVERAGE x7/31

Hungry Jack Syrup 1.50
Use 1/1 from 5/22ss=.50

Act ii popcorn .75
-1/2 inside package=.25

Terra orignal potato chips $1.00
$1/1 = FREE

Pringles fat free and regular 1.41
-1/2 from 6/26PG=.91 each x7/31
-1/3 regular chips from 6/26PG=1.08 each x7/31

Ritz Peanut butter sandwich crackers 1.30
Use 1/2 from 6/19ss=.80 each x7/30

Crunch Munch .34
Use 1/3 from all you mag=.01 each

Combos Snacks 1.00
Use 1/2 from 5/22RP=.50 x7/17

Ritz Crackers 2.00
Use 1/2 wyb coke =$1.00 if you buy coke too

Ritz bits sandwiches 2.00
use 1/1 peelie found on product=1.00

Ritz crackerfuls 2.00
use 1.50/1 from 4/17ss=.50

Lance Cracker Creations 1.69
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.69

Nabisco Snack Saks 1.00
Use $1/2 from 6/19ss=.50 x7/30

Betty Crocker Fruit rollups 1.75
Use .75/1 commissary tearpad=1.00

David Sunflower seeds .79
Use 1/2 from June All YOU mag=.29 each x8/30

FREE single can Seatle’s Best 9.5oz single can from 6/5ss x8/7

Bic Soleil razors $3.37
Use 3/1 from 7/10 insert =.37

Old spice deodorant 1.20
Use 1/2 from 7/3PG=.70 each
Use 1/2 from 6/5PG=.70

Lysol Healthy Touch Starter system 6.00
Use 3/1 from insert=3.00 x7/13

John Freida Full Repair Treatment 3.94
Use $5/1 from 6/5SS=1.06 OVERAGE x7/31

Cortaid 3.30
Use $3/1 from 5/15RP=.30 x7/31

Curad Alcohol Swabs .46
-.50/1 from 5/22ss=.04 OVERAGE x8/31
-.50/1 from 6/19ss x9/19

VO5 shampoo/conditioner .69
Use .25/2 hangtag=.57

Scotties Facial Tissue .99
Use .50/1 commissary tearpad=.49

Visine A.C. 2.65
Use 2/1 from 4/10RP or 3/13RP=.65 X7/31


Carefree Pantiliners .89
Use .50/1 from 6/26ss=.39 x8/30

Advil Pocket Pack 1.29
Use 4/2 from 5/22SS=.71 Overage each x7/31
UPC: 305730151108


**(Many Commissaries are no longer stocking ADVIL Pocket Packs because the coupons have been abused.  Someone recently purchased TWO CASES at our local store and now they are no longer carrying the product)

Reach Floss .80
Use 1/1 from 4/17 insert=.20 overage x12/31

Reach floss .80
Reach flosser 1.56
use 2.50/2 q from sunday inserts
=.14 overage (well after surcharge it will be .02 overage)

Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush 3.25
Use $3/1 from 6/5PG=.25 x7/31

Oral B Toothbrush .95
Use 2/2 from 7/3PG=.05 overage each x7/31
upc 030041668825

Sundown Naturals Folic Acid 1.06
Use 1/1 from 6/26RP=.06
here =.44 overage

Tylenol Precise heat patch 5.35
Use $5/1 from =.35

Schick Disposable Razor 2pk (TRAVEL).62
-1/1 peelie=.38 OVERAGE

Bic Flex3 2.96
Use $3/1 from 6/5ss= FREE x7/17

Schick Hydro 3 Razor $4
Use $4/1 from 6/12ss=FREE

Dove Men Deodorant 2.69
use 2/1 from 6/26RP=.69 x7/24

Bengay 4.09
Use $3/1 from 5/22rp=1.09

Irish Spring Bar Soap .40
Use .50/1 from June 2011 family mag=.10 OVERAGE

Gold Bond Lotion .51 (TRAVEL)
Use .50/1 military tearpad coupon=.01 X12/31







Marcal Paper Towels 1.21
Use 1/1 from 6/19RP=.21 x7/31

Ball canning kits 3.54
use the 2/1 from 7/10 insert=1.54

Scotch Single Roll Tiolet Tissue .69
Use 1/1 from 6/19ss=.31 overage x7/17

Marcal Single Paper towels 1.21
use 1/1 from 6/19 RP=.21 x7/31

Marcal Napkins 1.41
Use 1/1 from 6/19RP=.41¢ x7/31

Marcal Tissue .99
Use 1/1 from 6/19RP=FREE

Scotch Magic Tape .78
Use 1/1 from here =.22 overage x9/30
** coupon reset

Bounty Napkins 1.49
Use 1/1 from 6/5PG=.49 x7/31

Lysol Wipes 1.49
Use 1/2 from 6/12ss=.99 x7/12
Use 1/1 tearpad commissary q=.49 each

Chore Boy Heavy Duty Sponge .65
Use .55/1 from


Playtex Sippy Cups 2.88
Use $2/1 Sign Up with PlaytexBaby for special offers =.88

Tidy Cat Litter 1.34
Use 1/1 from 5/1 ss insert=.34 x8/31

Purina Yesterdays News cat litter 2.00
Use 1.50/1 from 4/17RP=.50 x7/31

Nutro Dog Food 6.38
use $7/1 HERE =.62 overage!


Nutro Puppy Food 5.38
use $7/1 HERE =1.62 overage!

Bagel Bites 1.25
Use 1/1 here =.25

Best Life Spray butter .99
-1/1 from 6/12ss=FREE
-1/1 from

I can’t believe its not butter spray 1.99
Use here =.99

country crock tub 1.29
use 1/1 from may all you magazine=.29 x7/15

Oscar Mayer Lunchable with fruit 1.50
use 1/1 from 5/15ss=.50 x7/10

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1
Use $1/2 from 5/15ss=.50 x7/10

Oscar mayer bacon 16oz 2.50
Use .55/1 kraft booklet=1.95

Kraft Big Slice Cheese 1.89
Use 1/1 blinkie q=.89

Philadelphia Cooking Creme 1.50
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.50 x7/15
Use 1.50/1 wyb chicken peelie=FREE

Red Baron Singles 3ct .89
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.11 OVERAGE x8/7

Yoplait Smoothie 1.99
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.99 x7/31

Danimals Yogurt 1.51
Use 1/1 from 6/5ss=.51 x7/31




Ortega Taco Sauce .38
Use $1/2 HERE =.14 overage

Ortega Taco Shells 1.00-1.19
Use 1/1 from 6/26 insert=FREE-.19








About thecoupon411

I am a proud Navy wife of nearly 8 years, and a proud parent to 3 goofball kids. By being an overall cheapskate, and learning to effectively stretch my nickels into quarters with coupons, I have been able to cut our grocery budget waaaaay back and have learned to provide for my family of 5 (plus the dog and cat) on a shoe string budget! Couponing is fairly simple. It takes a little time set aside each week to clip and match-up with sales ads, but the rewards can be amazing.

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