I am a proud Navy-wife and mom of three crazy kids, a naughty dog named Albert, and a loud cat named Kitty (that’s what happens when a 4 year old names the cat).  So not only do I live in a zoo, my family eats like a bunch of zoo animals and it can get costly!  
Being on a military shoe-string budget, I understand what it’s like to want to stretch your nickels into quarters, and to save on groceries while still being able to feed you family good healthy food.  It’s no secret that junk generally costs less.  But with coupons, and a few savy tricks, it doesn’t have to be that way.  I am feeding a family of 5 (plus the dog and cat) on a tight budget all while maintaining our nutritional integrity- getting a great deal on the basics means we have some extra cash for fresh produce and other healthy options!  And you can too!
We can all work together to network great deals, hot coupons, inexpensive recipes (because eating out is definitely costly!), and even trade the coupons that we don’t need for what we can use.
Thanks for your interest, and happy saving!


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