A quick thought before we get started…


Last night (while feeding a hungry baby), it dawned on me what little extra time as a parent/wife/student I have…which probably sounds very familiar to most of us.

FYI…my 13 month old is smearing banana on my leg as we speak, so I need to make this quick 🙂

So in light of this late night, half-awake revelation, I realized that in order for this to work for you it has to work for me.  If I can find the information that I need to save money quickly and bring it all together, then it will be quick and (hopefully) easy for you too.

And being the good college student that I am, I will cite my sources of coupon information so that we all know where it came from, and most importantly so that the other people who devote their time to helping us save money get their credit.

Time to go wipe banana off my leg and now and my keyboard…


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About thecoupon411

I am a proud Navy wife of nearly 8 years, and a proud parent to 3 goofball kids. By being an overall cheapskate, and learning to effectively stretch my nickels into quarters with coupons, I have been able to cut our grocery budget waaaaay back and have learned to provide for my family of 5 (plus the dog and cat) on a shoe string budget! Couponing is fairly simple. It takes a little time set aside each week to clip and match-up with sales ads, but the rewards can be amazing.

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